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Figure 3.

Rapid response to the earthquake emergency of May 2012
in the Po Plain, northern Italy

Figure 2.

The July 17, 2011, ML 4.7, Po Plain (northern Italy) earthquake: strong-motion observations from the RAIS network


Seismic hazard in the Po Plain and the 2012 Emilia earthquakes


Figure 1.
Figure 1. INGV strong-motion data web portal: home page (top panel); ISMD home-page (bottom left); DYNA home page (bottom right).

INGV strong-motion data web-portal: a focus on the Emilia seismic sequence of May-June 2012

Fig. 1

High-frequency maximum observable shaking map of Italy from fault sources

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Figure 4.

Preliminary results from EMERSITO, a rapid response network for site-effect studies

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